Dear Business Owner,

You’re an owner.

You’re the one making things happen. You know people, you’re making the connections, you’re crafting the very cogs of capitalism. As business owners, we’re the ones that put food on the table, cars on the road, and ink on contracts.

That’s why I am writing you.

There’s no guarantee that we’ll work together. Many of us are too distracted, fearful, or confused to heed an unanticipated opportunity. Yet, as long as you are an authentically good person, there is tremendous potential in our partnership.

That’s why I am inviting you.

I am inviting you to become an owner of Better Better Better, a Colorado marketing cooperative for socially-beneficial businesses. Since all of our members own part of the company, you can be certain that it is a mutually rewarding venture: in fact, we split up the profits at the end of the year!

Because we are better together.

Better Better Better generates leads, automates sales, and creates a culture that sells itself. We’re a marketing cooperative, so every marketing investment you make not only provides demonstrable ROI, it grants you proportionate membership of the co-op. Ownership means your share of dividends, our mutual stake in success, and acquiring voting powers within the company to determine outcomes such as approving new memberships.

Marketing innovates at the speed of business.

Let me be frank: marketing has gotten complicated. It used to be that a campaign consisted of ads on radio, TV, and print. While these media still work (in conjunction with other approaches), the reality is that the options have expanded exponentially. That’s right: the modern marketer needs to know about social media, online affiliations, search engine optimization, display ads, information architecture, newsjacking, growth-hacking, etc.

Sooner or later, you’ll need a specialist.

The reality is that the explosion of choices has made it too complicated for a single person to manage. Even if you were to employ your own marketing department, these disparate techniques are too much for a just few employees and technicians tend to overlook the big picture. We, as modern business owners, need to weigh all of the options, predict revenue, set a budget, and target our most effective channels with full force. Better Better Better strategizes, delivers, and optimizes precision marketing campaigns so you can focus on improving your business. I personally craft every new marketing strategy, prepare both a synopsized and detailed plan for your endorsement, and then my team of technical experts execute it to your satisfaction.

How do you make life Better?

If we are to work together, the most essential qualifying factor is a social mission. Every Better Business must impart a benefit to the consumers, sellers, and (critically) to the world at large. This social mission is ideally accomplished through your normal operations, an intended benefit that transcends the profit motive. Since successful businesses enrich everyone, all but the most unscrupulous businesses have a social mission lying latent. How do you express your humanity, purpose, and commitment to a better future?

Your social mission is your persona.

Nielsen says consumer sentiment is favoring “sustainability”, with sustainable companies growing 400% times faster than their peers [1]. What is sustainability? You may be thinking trees, water, and smiling employees, yet the root is more fundamental. It is consumer trust not only in the product (its materials and means of production), it is trust in you. We build that trust the same way you would: by being a good listener, making pleasant conversation, and taking uncommon action for the common good. We help your company do this, publically, by embracing the Information Age.

Your customers want to trust you.

Increased transparency is making apparent to business owners and consumers alike that businesses have an enormous impact, one that simply cannot be neutral. To be competitive, you must pin your social mission to your cuff. “Commitment to corporate sustainability practices is a basic cost of entry for companies that hope to succeed in the marketplace” and this is supported by the fact that 96% of product sales in Nielsen’s database were marketed with a sustainable social mission [2].

Now’s the time to innovate.

The wave has far from crested: only 1/3 of consumers are satisfied with the present level of corporate social responsibility, whereas almost 2/3 of senior executives felt they had done enough [3]. The benchmarks for social missions are changing, just as the paucity of “green” items in the 90’s snowballed into a kind of “me-too” baseline. Now, nearly all retailers’ shelves are fully stocked with environmentally sensitive adverts. By exceeding expectations earlier than the rest, you raise the bar and enjoy a significant advantage in your industry.

Consumers pay a premium for ethos.

Longevity means monitoring trends and cultivating appeal to up-and-coming demographics. Nielsen has demonstrated that not only is interest in social good on the rise, it is most prevalent in the younger generation. In fact, both Millennials (<30 years old) and Generation Z (<20 years old) went from about 50% of the population being willing to spend more for a sustainable company in 2014 to 74% in 2015 [4]. It is clear: ethics are influencing consumer decisions more with each passing year.

That’s why we choose to be better.

It’s extraordinarily simple to get the scoop on just about any business. Thanks to the Internet, the cost of publishing all across the globe is virtually zero, for competitors, detractors, and advocates alike. And it is getting easier all the time. If you take a moment to gaze into the crystal ball, you’ll soon realize that the only option is to embrace this transparency. Better Better Better specializes in leveraging transparency by creating culture that inspires your customers toward advocacy.

How will clients come to know your business?

How do you know about other businesses? A Google search is a start. When your website ranks well, hopefully you have the first word in the conversation. Your customers have the last word, however: while 72% of consumers would use a three-star business, only 27% take a two-star business to be worth considering [5]. Word of mouth is changing hands, with 88% of consumers reporting they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations [6].

How would you like people to know your business?

One mustn’t be self-aggrandizing (we can all sniff that out from a mile away), yet you can host the conversation. By structuring your business around your benefits to others, you can be certain that you will be appreciated; yet, becoming a sensation is a different game altogether. The answer lies in a combination of noteworthy action and facilitating dialogue.

Actions speak louder than ads…

Resolute and consistent actions that improve the quality of life of your clients, employees, and our society will always be met with enthusiasm. There are three stages to a successful campaign: identifying an urgent need, taking an unanticipated action, and then immortalizing it through a contagious story.

…when your clients do the talking.

Your customers are a peculiar group of people. There is always a thread of continuity between them that sets them apart from the rest, and it is that thread which can compel them to band together. When Better Better Better initiates a campaign, we systematically assure both inbound and outbound channels are laden with opportunities for horizontal communication. In other words, it is essential to give your clients a place to talk, especially to each other! This is the primary difference between a “business” and a “brand”, a “company” and a “culture”.

Set the table, light the candles.

By preparing for dialogue, not only do you command more attention, you improve the emotional content of the discourse. You can imagine what would happen if you simply ignored the conversation: people talking flippantly of your company, behind you back. Your mere presence increases the quality of comments, though there are literally hundreds of channels available to your customers on the Internet alone. Through careful research and preparation, Better Better Better dominates your most important third-party channels and may even create one of your own.

If you’re a mover, make your move.

I hope this letter has assisted you in deciding how you will portray your company as a reputable entity. I nearly gave away more trade secrets than I care to, yet I know that the proliferation of these ideas will only benefit humanity. Isn’t it a fortunate trajectory we are on, where no good deed goes uncelebrated?

I hope not only to instill this doctrine of hope, but to make a dear friend in you. I understand your trepidation as we are not accustomed to receiving letters like this one, letters of genuine import. Yet it is only once we brainstorm for the first time over the phone that we can begin to refine your plan with competitor analyses, market research, and pilot campaigns.

After our second conversation, we will begin to refine the best methods for marketing your mission, artfully. With an emphasis on quality and precision, we will get your message in front of your ideal audience. Social missions are intrinsically appealing to partners and clients alike, providing you with unexpected opportunities to work with the best.

Finally, if we’re still enamored after our third meeting, I will prepare a proposal detailing our work together. Should you accept, I will bring the proposal to our members for a vote. Should they accept you, you will be instated as an officially Better Business.

I favor a cost-per-acquisition model in all appropriate instances, meaning that you pay for what you get paid by your clients. I provide regular reporting so you can see your campaigns’ progress in real time, permitting accurate revenue prediction. When you’re ready, we’ll automate your entire marketing-to-sales pipeline for you with the best technology and outsourcing.

And, as you already know, you become a part owner of the company. The more closely we work together, the more stake we both have in our mutual success. At Better Better Better, that commitment becomes tangible with our cooperative model. Not only are we only paid only for the money we make for you, we reward you with a share of profits! Magically, this also enhances the cooperation of our members, leading to previously unobtainable synergies.

After all, we’re all in the business of being mutually beneficial. For us, that is written right into our formative documents as a Public Benefit Corporation: we are obliged to fulfill our beneficial purpose by law. Founded under a recent innovation in Colorado corporate code, Better Better Better is a Public Benefits Cooperative, mandating regular reports on the status of our own social mission: To empower better businesses to get bigger!

Give me a call,


Jeremy D Evans

(704) 966-9026