Our Mission is….

to promote awareness of global outcomes in business transactions, 

to harness well-deserved reputation by honoring good deeds

and to enhance voluntary trade to benefit everyone.

Better Better Better is a Public Benefit Cooperative (PBC).

As a PBC, we are beholden to the public to publish an annual report regarding our efforts, success, and challenges in promoting our mission to promote economic welfare by improving business transparency.

As a marketing cooperative, when our clients buy services from us we award them part ownership of the company as well as a share of our profit at the end of the year.

Economics is simply a virtuous exchange that creates value. We facilitate:

  • Marketing focused on Social Good
  • Placing Reputation at the Forefront
  • Providing Accountability to Consumers

Adam Smith envisioned capitalism where everyone knew the prices and people.

We illuminate the marketplace.


The world is getting smaller. We use the Internet to:

  • Build an enduring reputation
  • Engage only interested customers
  • Provide value, not adverts

Since information is only becoming more accessible, we act like everyone's watching.

We are building a better future.

Companies answer to the market. We keep our ears on:

  • High-quality user reviews
  • Social Networks & Word-of-Mouth
  • Direct feedback and Surveys

Capitalism works when everybody wins. We can only profit when the people profit.

We make markets fair.