Moral Marketing:

Putting your business on higher ground.

Learn how to stand out in a thorny marketplace.

  • Zoho allows up to 25 free email accounts with your own custom domain name. Amazing. I have also heard some pretty great things about their CRM.

    Now, I don't know about your preference and/or experiences with Zoho Mail, but I personally think it has an abhorrent interface. Should you happen to agree, there is an easy fix: POP3 mail import and SMTP for sending mail as your new address, no matter what email client you're using.

    In case that sounds like gibberish, we're going to break down exactly how to do it. In this example, we're going to do it in Gmail, but you can use the same steps to set it up in any account.

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    It may be silly, this bizarre obsession of mine, but I sponsor morality whenever I can. I plead for it, I advocate for it, I embrace it. I work so hard to advance morality that I'm often asked: Why?
    Why should I care about morality? How do you even define morality? What good does it really do to moralize to others?
    The answer to all three could simply be "profit", but I think you deserve the longhand.

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    Not convinced? What is the real value of a "Social Mission" anyway?

    You may just want more profit and perhaps you are not convinced that the Social Mission is the best route forward.
    Maybe you're sick of "greenwashing" and fair-trade, organic, quadruple-bottom-line-nonsense.
    You could very well just be overwhelmed, tired of being pulled in three different directions.

    We make the case for moral marketing within. Prepare yourself for lots of evidence!

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    Directories are only whispered on the wind while SEO is being shouted from every mountaintop and valley. Yet, is our dialogue just? Of course, directories are inextricable from SEO as they provide all-so-valuable backlinks. Still there is some trepidation as web-developers approach these harlots of the web, the cheap politicians that will tout your name next to your antithesis for the same price. As a business owner seeking the cost effective solution for promoting your business online, are directories the answer?

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    The Internet is a resource, specifically designed by people to help people. It is here to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Why do we sometimes feel like it is a fool's paradise? Is it a net to tie us down or pull us up? Most importantly, how do we make it better?

    Let's look at the past to see the future, then brainstorm how you can be the first in the marketplace to push new frontiers in design.

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    Social Business is redefining how the world does business: morally and fiscally. Since consumers demand more corporate social responsibility and are willing to pay more for it, perhaps it's time you too began to examine this new trend and determine for yourself if it is paradigm-shifting.