Google Maps


We’ll put you on Google Maps, an app used by millions every day. Get reviews, get listed prominently,…

With more than 525,431,152 unique visitors every day, can you afford not to be on Google Maps?

Google maps streamline your business information such as address and phone number and lists your business in all of Google’s services such as Google Plus, Search, Places to provide you with improved visibility. This can secure you strong spot at the top of relevant searches, sometimes defined as a “card” on the side of search results such as this:

This is an image of a Google search results page featuring this website, Better Better Better .org, and an image of its Google Maps "card".

In addition, it enables customers to quickly obtain information with convenience and provide insights to traffic while traveling. Since Google Maps is by far the most used online mapping service, it is the first place your customers look and the first place you should invest in a strong placement. If you’re a physical business, rest assured that thousands will be viewing this representation of your business just within the first year; if you’re a contractor without a brick-and-mortar shop, have no doubt that hundreds will still be looking for you on Google Maps.

Perhaps most importantly, Google Maps capitalizes upon your satisfied customers by permitting reviews. Since the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive (averaged across all businesses, good and bad both), there is little reason to fear judgment. In fact, businesses that are reviewed are drastically likelier to receive business than those unrated and Google Maps trumps even review-focused platforms such as Yelp.

There are a plethora of benefits in having Google Maps. You can view your traffic, see what your customers are seeing to the tee, and fine-tune your listing as you see fit. While invaluable for every business, for some businesses this is the single most important online asset (yes, better than a website!). While it is possible to handle this listing on your own, we will not only save you hours of work but Bettter Better Better will make your listing attractive. Since this can be your most public face, it is important that your business is presented memorably and alluringly.

As a business owner, you have the responsibility to improve the economic condition of your organization and it is our job to aid you in achieving business growth. This is one simple and essential step to maximizing your business online presence. It cascades into better marketing, which means better sales. Whether you have a partial listing on Google Maps or no listing at all, this is the time to take action.

Take the reigns of your online presence. We’ll put you on the map!