Express Update


Express Update is a directory that keeps your business info accurate– in more than 20 other directories, too!…

Is your business’s online profile up-to-date?

Express Update (EU) is not your grandma’s directory. It takes your accurate business information and sends it to more than 25 different directories. Talk about bang for your buck!

In addition to updating your business information all over the web, EU specializes in providing information to car navigation systems. This is a very important feature for brick-and-mortar businesses that thrive on foot/auto traffic. If you’ve ever seen someone led from point A to B by their navigation robot or perhaps if you’ve been led yourself, you’re more than familiar with the value this will add to your business. Particularly for tourists and visitors who are looking for nearby stops in unfamiliar territory, this listing could be your single biggest marketing investment of the year!

That’s not to mention the low price. For just $10, Better Better Better will write you the best salescopy. You provide the essentials: your address, phone, website, hours, etc. We provide the pizazz, the gusto, that will make you stand out to local searchers. Whether they’re on Express Update itself, one of its myriad partners, or simply searching Google, this listing is sure to provide your low-cost, high-value advertising for years to come.


Build online collateral. Let us Express Update you today!