Directory Inclusion Package


Purchase the All-in-One directory listings package to add more value to your business.

Get listed. Our 19 high-priority directories will land your business a slice of the more than 5,000,000,000 unique visitors PER DAY.

PurchaseĀ all the 19 directory listings at a discount. We save time when you buy all of these services at once, so we’re happy to pass these savings on to you. Not only do you save time and money, you stand to gain quite a lot from announcing yourself world wide web!

These directories are used by people the world over to determine how they’ll spend their money, not to mention by search engines to determine which pages show up first. If you want your business to stand a fighting chance of getting found online, this is the lowest-hanging, highest-value opportunity.

With your company details and about two weeks to shore up all of the verifications, our team will submit you to the very most important directories. If you’re placing a phone number or a physical address (you certainly ought to be!), some of these directories will ask for verification by calling the phone or sending a postcard to your address. Additionally, this price is fixed no matter if you have already made several of these listings in the past.

Aside from this limited input, we will handle all of the rest! It easily takes a dozen or more hours to complete these listings and to do them well, making this a task easily overlooked by busy business owners. Yet almost no task could be more enduring and add more value than these listings. Depending on your average client revenue, claiming even a couple of sales from these listings could grant a sizable ROI. Additionally, these listings will never be taken down and will only become more useful as they age, as they accrue thousands of views, and more and more people see your professionally-written salescopy.

Specifically, search engine ranking (SER) is primarily dependent on links to your site from across the web. Links from directories are especially valuable since the directory sites themselves are recognized as public resources. Without exception, this is the simplest and most direct way to add backlinks to your site. Since directories are intended exactly for this kind of backlinking, you can rest assured that your site will receive the full benefit of the link (whereas some other SEO linking strategies are not as foolproof).

This is the fundamental, first-step in building a web-presence. Poise your business for lift-off!